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The Gereizt Housewife (front cover)Welcome to katecooch.com, the official site of author Kate Cooch. My new book, The Gereizt Housewife, is now available. It is the second novel in the Samantha Sherman mystery series. In The Gereizt Housewife Sam is gereizt, irritated in German. She is having marriage troubles and is traveling with her husband to Switzerland in an effort to work them out. But crossing the Atlantic only adds to the Shermans’ problems when Sam witnesses a murder. Soon Sam is battling old money, UN aristocracy, and a cynical reporter as she wades into a new case. While she is running through a garden maze on Lake Zurich, uncovering atrocities from the Congolese civil wars, enjoying though fighting fantasies of a handsome detective, Sam is trying to find a killer and fix her marriage.

The full mystery series is discussed in the Mystery section. The first book in the series is The Happy Housewife. It’s about suburbanite mom Samantha Sherman who solves a couple of murders in her home town while coming to terms with a deadly miscalculation she made as a Coast Guard helicopter pilot.

For quicker reading, download some of my history shorts (they’re free!). I began my writing career as a history author and have articles on the site about an 1826 duel, a Civil War spy, and a conspiracy to topple the founding fathers after the revolutionary war.

The History of is my blog about the history behind current events. I’d love to get your take on how the history of affects what is happening today.  

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